New Release : Collaboration with Jeff Sampson ::: It Doesn't Matter ::: Out Now !!!

Thanks again to Jeff Sampson for joining this collaborative project, was a very interesting experience
still learned on minimalism, focusing on simplicity and practicing around the more than ever appropriate formula :
" the less can be the more ".
Atmospheres, dreamscapes, nightmares and realities...
the fantastic work of Jeff Sampson can be listened at


It doesn't matter who you are, because everyone is capable of anything.

It doesn't matter who you know, because we're all connected.

It doesn't matter who you are - you can rise and fall as easily as anyone else.

It doesn't matter who you know - friends come and go while antagonists lie constantly in wait.

It doesn't matter who you are because you're both better and worse than anyone else.

It doesn't matter who you know because
some you'll lose track of while others will come along to take their

Tiny blips.
Large puddles.
Wisps and veils.
In search of massive control.

It doesn't matter.

~ Jeff Sampson


Jeff Sampson : Vocals and Processings
Antropik : Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Electronics,
Field Recordings & Processings

Artwork by Antropik

Mastering by Antropik

tags: ambient abstract atmospheric drone electronic experimental electronic soundscapes voice 

New LP | I n d o l | Out Now!

Long forms tracks started in 2013, left aside, then revisited and decided to carrying out in one same LP in late 2015.

The basis remains guitar-based improvisations on various amps and multi-effects, electric or acoustic, played or prepared with various objects.
Outside and studio field recordings with different kind of recorders even very lo-fi mics, an old reel to reel tape recorder was also used in large part.
Some parts were done with an analog/semi modular synthesizer.
Used also an analog frequency generator and other synth emulators .
Granular synthesis and processing with Max/msp, and various pluggins, sequencing...
No samples used apart my own recordings. 

Released Feb 13, 2016