.:. Drowned Soundscapes : available on Lossless format ! .:.

Originally made for a live set layout "Drowned Soundscapes" is an extended mix made of tracks featured on"Lanthanides",
"Persistances" and "Hazmat",
plus unreleased exclusive arrangements and processings to fit the consistency of a One-track listening experience.
Recently updated on a lossless audio "Flac" format, the mix is available on my Bandcamp page
for free or the price you want for the support.

Petroglyph Music : The X-mas Compilation 2013 - Featuring New Track "Dysprosis" by Antropik

Good and Massive Compilation from Petroglyph Music for this 2013' Christmas.
You can download at : 
The track "Dysprosis" is featured & on my soundcloud (free download!)

Amazing tracks, true eclectic compilation, hours of  free Independant music to listen for this year's ending!


Archipelagos of Darkness : Dark Ambient Mix by Blood

Free Download mix by Mark Blood, featuring many great tracks and Antropik's Orchalkum Remix!*

"There are places separate from time where everything that has ever existed has been isolated from its neighbour, collected and archived. As you brush against the boundaries of these islands of history you can hear what lies within but you cannot pass through into any of them except with determined, conscious effort. Some places host islands that contain things and events of a primal nature, others contain dark deeds or other, less wholesome happenings. Follow the ritual to enter such places and listen to the sounds from these archipelagos of darkness."

 quote from Blood's SC

 *(bonus track from Absydion album 2013)

[Psychotronic Weapons] RAVEN VS ANTROPIK ::: OUTNOW!!!

Great New for this ending summer:
"The Centipede Farm" label from Des Moines, released the [Psychotronic Weapons] album (collaboration with Raven) on Tape and digital download from their bandcamp page!
The nice artwork is made by Raven!


Induction : Soundtrack for the Cris Ubermann's Video : ÉTAT D'URGENCE à Bamako

Updated 19/06/2013

"Absydion" featuring on: Land Of The Drones

This month Antropik's last release "Absydion" is featuring on  Land Of The Drones

here's an excellent mix by RedFog:

Enjoy Listening! 

Sounds from the Outer Edges

soundsfromtheouteredges featuring Antropik
A nice review by Johnny Nowhere aka would-be messiahs
on soundsfromtheouteredges,

"Chtonian Mantra" is featuring on  this mix

Really happy to read blog's review and to feature on the mix!
Appreciate a lot the support ! Many thanks Johnny!